Pre-employment screening provides peace of mind to employers by ensuring your employees are able to safely do the tasks required.

What is included in pre-employment screening:
  • Medical questionnaire
  • Hearing testing (audiometry)
  • Lung function (spirometry)
  • Vision assessment
  • Musculo-skeletal assessment
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Functional capacity
  • Blood testing
    • Immunity status
    • Baseline heavy metal testing

Note these are not all required and can be requested specifically or omitted

We cater our pre-employment screening to the specific role at hand, to ensure we are not doing unnecessary testing while still being able to comprehensively assess for any anticipated risks of the role.

For example:

  • If the person will have noise exposure in the role , hearing testing will be undertaken. If there is hearing loss identified then it is not later attributed to your company by ACC if a hearing loss claim is made
  • If the person has exposure to excessive dust or lung hazards – a lung function test is carried out to ensure the individual is able to easily carry out the tasks without further harming themselves.
Please contact usto find out how we can help you with pre-employment screening. Our team covers the greater Wellington region (including Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt), and out to Kapiti and Porirua.