Computer comfort checklist

Complete this checklist as a quick check to see if you may need a workstation assessment.

This is particularly important for intensive computer users (more than 5 hours per day at the computer) as well as moderate computer users (3-5 hours per day at the computer).

Answer every question, the more YES answers the better! If you notice you start answering NO to questions you should consider having a work station assessment to minimise your risk of discomfort or injury.

  • Are your shoulders relaxed, elbows close to the sides (i.e. arms are not reaching), forearms roughly horizontal and wrists straight while using the keyboard?
  • Is there some space in front of the keyboard to allow you to rest your wrists when not actively keyboarding?
  • Do your wrists remain “free” and not resting on the desk surface or wrist rest while keyboarding?
  • When seated, is your lower back well supported and remaining in contact with the backrest of the chair while performing computer work?
  • While sitting, are your knees bent (about 90o) and the thighs roughly horizontal?
  • When seated, can your feet rest comfortably on the floor?
  • While seated at your workstation are ears, shoulders and hips lined up vertically?
  • Is your mouse located close to, and at about the same height as the keyboard?
  • Is a document holder available for frequently used documents or reference materials?
  • Are frequently used items such as files, telephone, etc. placed within easy reach?
  • Do you take frequent vision breaks for refreshing the eyes?
  • Do you take physical breaks and move about frequently during the day?