Workplace comfort and health

There are a number of factors that can affect how you feel and how well you work. These factors: work layout, organisation, task variety and environment all determine whether we work efficiently and in a way that promotes good health and safety.

By adjusting your work environment, workstation and personal practice you may be able to minimise your discomfort and pain and reduce the risk of injury.

Also no matter how well set up your workstation is, always remember to take frequent breaks to prevent eyestrain, headaches, muscle strain, and other potential health problems. Your body needs plenty of movement so get up and stretch and move and keep yourself well hydrated.

Helpful hints
  • Remember to relax, particularly in areas where muscle tension often builds, such as your neck and shoulders
  • Change postures often throughout the day and stand and stretch
  • Take your assigned breaks and if working for long periods at the same take short frequent breaks
  • Arrange your work area in such a way that it does not cause you to repeatedly strain forward to frequently used items
  • Vary your tasks and break up your work routine
  • Evaluate changes you can make to reduce stress
  • Remember to breathe deeply. Better still get out at lunch time and get some fresh air
  • Address ongoing health issues
  • Exercise regularly to improve or maintain your fitness
  • Listen to your body! It will give you good clues regarding comfort or discomfort.